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Welcome to BESTLABS

Based in Singapore, we are a group of industries providing diversified services in a cost effective way.

When customers wanted reliable services, we were there to provide them the much needed advises & services in calibration, instruments testing and repair and rental of pressure & temperature instruments.

Having won the confidence of customers, we then decided to reach further heights by opening offices at




The lead to this tremendous success

Our Farsightedness

Visionary leadership

Hardworking professionals

Innovative practices

Importantly our mindset and WILL to change.

The priority given to customer satisfaction have put us on the top rung of the ladder. We aimed to become a globally preferred service provider and we have become one.

Calibration Services

Here are some pointers to consider in choosing your calibration partner

What standards does the laboratory ?

Are the referance standards used traceable and does the laboratory maintain calibration history?

Does the laboratory provide detailed calibration report/certificate?

Does the laboratory center to your specific requirements for your operations such as accuracies,procedures and calibration parameters?

Can the laboratory meet your scheduled requirements through fast and accurate delivery?

Apart from the above, you will also need to consider the pricing and flexibility. When product quality implies consumer health and safety, the accuracy and reliability of the equipment is critical and hence selecting your calibration partner becomes crucial.

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Our Solution

Whether you’re a large technology provider, an engineering unit, or small business, we are your one-stop solution for all your calibration needs, be it for guidance or implementation across industries. We offer traceable calibration services in the following areas:

Our Experienced team of specialists will guide you on how to keep your instruments completely fit to adhere to industry standards and guidelines. we provide the highest quality services on top of our competitve prices and fast turn-around time with our calibration solutions to fulfil your requirements either at our controlled laboratory or at the convenience of your premises. We provide calibration solutions at either at our controlled laboratory or at the convenience of your location (onsite-calibration). Even if the instrument is not listed on our website, please connect with us to discuss your requirements.

Laboratory Services

Our State-Of-The-Art Laboratory is equipped with precision measuring instruments that are maintained to perfection. The standards and instruments used for calibration undergo routine check and preventive maintenance that are documented to ensure accuracy and consistency.

It also helps to detect any issues timely. Our operating procedures and good laboratory practices help us produce accurate measurement results and provide suitable calibration certificates.

Being At credited to ISO 17025 and registered to ISO 9000:2015 laboratory's methods are robust and our reference standards provide appropriate level of traceablity to recogonized national and international standards

We understand the importance and value of our customers instruments which is the reason why we have packaged transportation in our service.

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Onsite Services

A Need to perform calibration at the customer’s premises - especially in the following cases:

  • Equipment is quite large and fixed and cannot be moved (such as truck scales, cranes, big ovens, refrigerators etc.)
  • When there are a group of instruments that are a part of an installation and must be calibrated as a whole.
  • Some sensors, transmitters and highly sensitive instruments are better calibrated in the customer control rooms.
  • Transportation to and from the laboratory may cause damage or deterioration.
  • In cases of bulk calibration where large number of instruments need to be calibrated, it is better to engage an onsite calibration service.

Onsite calibrations are not done on fixed premises. They are usually performed in rooms provided by the customer for the calibration technicians. Though these are performed outside our laboratory facility, we maintain standardized procedures for recording and reporting all calibration results and also for ensuring the security and confidentiality of calibration data obtained. Standards used for measuring undergo routine examination and are maintained as required by ISO 17025.