Temperature Calibration

Gold standard in industrial temperature calibration

Temperature plays an important role in various industries such as manufacturing, pharma, food and beverages, aerospace, oil & gas, etc. Slight variations in temperature can affect the quality of the product and compromise its safety. This makes temperature calibration of instruments critical.

The properties of bimetals and thermocouple wire used in temperature measurement equipment, change with use and time, especially at high temperatures. This results in measurement drift. There are also other instances such as the following, due to which the

Instruments will be need to be calibrated:

  • A calibration certificate is not available
  • The device is used for longer than the period covered by the calibration certificate
  • The device was used or treated beyond the manufacturer's data sheet limitations
  • The battery powering the device was replaced.
  • The device manufacturer specifies that a calibration procedure should be carried out at regular intervals.
  • Regulatory bodies require regular proof of calibration

Our Solution

Temperature calibration is performed at a stable and adjustable source of temperature to generate temperatures over the range of the instrument being calibrated. We use calibration baths, intrinsic standards, and dry blocks to calibrate a wide range of stable temperatures.

Our temperature calibration services can be mainly grouped as under:

  • The thermal equipments working at manufacturing facilities need to undergo a temperature profiling service to be able to perform optimally. Some of the manufacturing equipment we profile include, Autoclaves, Water baths, Furnaces / Ovens / Chambers / Incubators / Stability, Freezers and Refrigerators
  • Temperature Controllers & Chart Recorders - We calibrate temperature controllers and sensors found in ovens and furnaces, stress rupture machines, injection molding equipment, and so on. We also have experience of working with a vast array of temperature monitoring chart recorders and data loggers.
  • Temperature Gauges & Thermometers – Thermometers are calibrated by placing them in a stable temperature environment and comparing their output to that of a calibrated reference thermometer. Our thermometer calibration services covers liquid-in-glass (LiG), thermistors, thermocouples (<300 C), and industrial platinum resistance thermometers (IPRTs).

The following are some of the key temperature/humidity measurement instruments we specialize in:

  • Dial Thermometer
  • Oven / Freezer
  • Temperature Calibrator
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometer
  • Temperature Controller
  • Thermocouple Furnace
  • Pyrometer Temperature Recorder
  • Thermohygrograph
  • Hot Tack Machine
  • Resistance Temperature Detector
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Thermohygrometer
  • Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer
  • Temperature Bath
  • Temperature Switch
  • Infrared Thermometer

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